Moving on from Symbian

I’m moving on from my role as Head of Tools for the Symbian Foundation. I’ve appreciated the opportunity and the experiences with tools, mobile, web and open source.

From my start in June 2009, it has been quite an adventure. After having led tools for Wind River, I was ready for a new challenge. Instead of just platform tools, I was now also responsible for application tools. Instead a staff of 80, we were a few people working with a nascent open source community. There was universal consensus that Symbian’s existing tools solution needed to be dramatically improved to attract and retain developers to the platform.

Now sixteen months later, there is still a long way to go, but the Symbian tools community has made some major progress:

  • There is a modern open source compiler (gcc) and debugger (gdb) for Symbian – available in the Qt SDK
  • QEMU is well on its way to improving the emulation solution for Symbian developers
  • Qt SDK dramatically improves the Symbian application developer experience
  • Carbide.c++ is making major strides towards usability and improved debugging in the upcoming 3.0 release
  • Symbian has become the mobile industry leader in open source web development tooling

This will be my last post on this blog, other than perhaps a pointer to my next one.

You can reach me at first.last @ gmail dot com

I wish the Symbian community the best.