Stepping Toward Symbian Open Source Tools on Linux and Mac

Linux, Mac, and Windows versions of the GNU compiler, the GDB debugger and the QEMU emulator are now available for Symbian development here.

Thanks to CodeSourcery, the world’s leading GNU tools consulting company, for producing these tools. And CodeSourcery is in the process of incorporating the changes into the relevant open source repositories.

At this stage, the tools are likely only ready for experts. They’re in raw form and not integrated with IDE’s, build systems or SDKs. They can provide a foundational basis for community members to create broader development kits. In fact, the Qt Creator team is already working to integrate this GDB.

If you’re looking for more of a Linux or Mac SDK, Martin Storsj√∂’s site and/or Anderson Lizardo’s blog are good references.

If you’re more energetic, you could build some of the other tools yourself from the Symbian source.

Related existing community initiatives include :